Active Shooter / Killer Intervention

A.C.T. (Active Crisis Training)

[A.L.i.C.E. Nationally Certified Instructors / Violent Intruder Response Model]

Violence is occurring every day in our resorts, malls, businesses, churches and schools.  Are you prepared to act during a crisis?

 Our Active Crisis Training provides a skill set and practical application of proven techniques for individuals to survive and escape violence.

 Dramatically improve your ability to disrupt and deter violent acts occurring in your environment.  Our training will integrate with your current technology and teach your staff how to recognize, react, disrupt, and counter individuals who are intent on harming those within your span of control. Real life events have shown that in these situations, employees, citizens, teachers, and students are their own “First Responders” until help arrives.

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Historical Facts & Case Studies


Recognizing and Preventing Workplace Violence

The term ‘postal’ has become synonymous with workplace violence.  Workplace violence can be extreme and can also include such aggressive acts as bullying, passive-aggressive behavior, and discourteous or rude interactions.

Aggressive acts and counterproductive workplace behaviors are devastating to organization morale, productivity, and work life experience.

Research shows that over 2 million people are affected each year by violent victimizations in the workplace at a cost of more than $36 billion to U.S. corporations. Violence, however, is almost always evolutionary with pre-incident indicators. Learn to identify the earliest signs of trouble and what you can do to help prevent the violence from erupting in your workplace and take an active role in your safety and survival.



Dynamic Response to Situational Awareness

Ever wonder what skills you might call upon if you were verbally assaulted?  What are your options should you encounter a surprise aggressive physical assault?  How would you recognize an assault that is developing against you?  How would you create distance or place yourself into a safety zone to avoid the physical assault?  What do you do in close quarters with a rapid evolving encounter?  Can you utilize the tactical verbal diffusing technique of the 5-step process from tactical communications?

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Behavioral Threat Analysis

 There is no single “profile” of risk factors that accurately determines the “violent intruder”.  Preventing violence is a top priority today.  A viable approach is that of Behavioral Threat Assessment, which uses a set of strategies or pathways to determine the credibility and seriousness of a threat and the likelihood that it will be carried out.

 This process considers a full range of relevant factors and provides appropriate interventions for the potential offender (s).  Perhaps most critical to keep in mind is that no single factor leads to violence.  Multiple factors can cause a person to become violent.  All approaches to prevention and intervention, including Behavioral Threat Assessment, should be based on what we actually know about the phenomenon. 

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Active Shooter For Law Enforcment (California P.O.S.T. Certified Active Shooter Instructors)

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Solo- Engagment for Law Enforcment (Nationally Certified Instructor)

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