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Training & Consulting

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Training M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC provides quality, comprehensive and perishable skills training, in accordance with Master Instructor California guidelines that promotes innovative skill sets to enhance the employee’s motivation and performance in the workplace. M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC was originally established in the late 1980’s as a training resource for private security, and[…]


Expert Witness

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Expert Witness M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC provides expert testimony in premises liability, issues involving gangs, narcotics, use of force and a variety of other topics. M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC provides civil and criminal case review and analysis, legal research, and deposition and trial preparation. M. C. Kimball and Associates, LLC has access to[…]

Company Profile

MC Kimball and Associates, LLC

“Excellence without Ego”

“Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than
others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more
than others think is possible.”

Company Profile

MC Kimball & Associates, LLC, a California based company, is an innovative and cutting
edge company that provides professional training services to both the government and
private sectors. MC Kimball & Associates, LLC also provides executive protection, private
investigations, and safety and training consulting.

MC Kimball & Associates, LLC was developed in the late 1980’s and was originally titled
Kimball Law Enforcement Training Services focusing on private, local and state policing

MC Kimball & Associates, LLC has a number of private training contracts with private
companies, municipalities and governmental agencies. These contracts utilize
professional training platforms that address the adult learning domains and perishable
skills. Both the scope of the business and the level of training have increased in recent
years to include more public agencies and private sector contracts for both teaching and
consulting. Many of our new contracts have expanded to include professional security
officer training, public service agencies, health care services, post secondary training
services, and hospitality services.

MC Kimball & Associates, LLC Training Services provide the premier training solutions to
difficult situations such as handling verbal abuse or violent encounters in close quarters
or confined areas. Defusing verbal abuse and violent encounters through the use of
Tactical Communications enhances personal safety and reduces liabilities. Tactical
Communications is a language and communication skill set that is designed to illicit
voluntary compliance and peaceful resolutions during hostile contacts when used

Our Safety & Situational Awareness class is designed to give the student a heightened
state of awareness and increased hyper vigilance to physical threats both on and off the
job. This class will provide both formulas and rituals that provide the student with the
ability to avoid complacency and maintain personal safety. The class explores the times
we can be most vulnerable, how to avoid confrontation and accidents through awareness,
positioning and preparation. The curriculum explores viable options for the student to
recognize transitions, elevation of awareness, the effects of adrenaline and how to
minimize adrenaline overload. Also explored during the class, will be the indicators of
aggressive or hostile body language and action plans for confrontations.

Our Dynamic Response to Situational Awareness class provides the student with a
classroom experience to recognize threat clusters combined with physical close quarter
countermeasures. Students will utilize principals of Contact and Cover, Contact Control
and Defense.

Our Contact Weapons Assaults and Contact Control Defense courses utilize the latest in
defense technology, a building block style of instruction and altercation scenarios at
extreme close quarter ranges.

Our High Impact Leadership class combines personality profiles with time proven yet
innovative and current methodology of leadership skills utilized in Fortune 5000
companies. Who’s Watching Your Back, a custom class designed for citizens and
professionals provides an inside look at the times we are most vulnerable to be attacked,
how to conduct a personal threat assessment, an insight into the mindset of the criminal, a
gang member and even a terrorist and how to properly disengage and seek help should a
circumstance arise.

MC Kimball & Associates, LLC is a Provider of Academy Level, Basic Officer / Agent, In-
Service Officer Agent and Advance Officer / Agent Operator training for public safety
and common defense.

Those intimately aware of the training circles understand that with training comes a level
of Ego that can either enhance or deter from the training. MC Kimball & Associates
prides itself in training excellence without ego.

Partial Class List:

Cognitive Skill Sets

Analytical Interviewing
Anti-Terrorism Concepts
Body Language Analysis
Cognitive Interviewing
Creative Interviewing and Assessment
Crises Resolution
Crime Prevention
Customer Service
Cumulative Stress Survival
Detection of Deception
Ethical Decision Making
Field Note Taking and Interviewing
Gang Awareness and Diversion
Gang Trends Series
Hi Impact Leadership Series
Home Safety and Security
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Introduction to Basic Investigations
Management of Influenced Behavior
Management of Fear
Patrol and Fixed Posts
Peak Performance and Your Mind
Personal Development Series
Report Writing
Responding to Crimes in Progress
Safety and Situational Awareness
School Safety and Situational Awareness
Sudden Attack Survival
Spanish for the First Responder
Threat Analysis
Tactical Communications Series
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Workplace Violence Prevention

Tactical Skill Sets

Arrest and Control
Basic Hand Gun Series
Building Searches
Close Quarters Countermeasures
Contact Control and Defense
Defensive Tactics
Dynamic Response to Situational Awareness
Expandable Baton
Impact Weapon Training Series
Impact Weapon (Baton) Refresher
Influence Recognition (D.U.I. / Drugs)
Introduction to Ground Combatives
Knife Defense
Knife Use and Countermeasures
O.C. Pepper Spray Certification
Patrol Procedures
Physical Security
Principals of Active Shooter
Principals of Protection
Principals of Executive Protection
Special Event and Crowd Control
Safety, survival and Situational Awareness
Self Defense
Tactical Shotgun Series
Vehicle and Field Contacts
Who’s Watching Your Back? (Home and Travel

MC Kimball & Associate’s goal is to raise the student’s over-all competency level
utilizing a building block teaching method so that students of all range potentials can achieve a higher knowledge base, skill level and awareness through our curriculum. By using this method of teaching, students of all proficiency levels are able to acquire new learning domains and avoid liability while also supporting their organizations policies and procedures.

Michael C. Kimball
Director of Training and Consulting
MC Kimball and Associates, LLC
1130 Fremont Blvd. #277
Seaside, Ca. 93955

“Serving Those Who Protect”
“Serving Those Who Serve”

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