MC Kimball and Associates, LLC provides in-depth consulting services in a variety of areas including:

Threat and Safety Assessments


Force-on-force assessments


Premises Liability

Safety and Situational Awareness

Communications and Customer Service

Management of Influenced Behaviors

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LL provides management, organizational, program implementation and process improvement for public safety, local government, military, Homeland Security, and code enforcement.   M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC’s private industry consulting includes municipalities, counties, state offices and organizations, religious organizations, health and medical professionals, educators, hospitality industry, resorts, school insurance authorities, the retail industry, fortune 500 companies, and non-profit organizations.

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC consulting skills include diverse resources for research and analysis; outcomes based program accountability, case statements, short term and long term planning with innovative solutions for your workplace challenges.

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC maintains a certification with the Supplier Clearing House as a Minority Owned Enterprise with the public utilities, utility diversity supplier program and is certified under the comparable agency verification process, certificate # 11070087.

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