Vision Statement

“Providing quality training and consulting that promotes innovative skill sets to enhance the employee’s motivation and performance within the workplace.”

Mission Statement

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC is dedicated to providing services with a level of INTEGRITY that is above and beyond reproach. Our personal and professional ETHICS must always align with our unparalleled work and deliverables. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and our training partners. Every relationship that we enter into reflects our COMMITMENT to service for others with “EXCELLENCE WITHOUT EGO”.

Our goal is to always rise above the expectations of our clients so that the QUALITY of our end product, services and resources will lead our chosen industry. The complexity and scope of work that we provide require us to leverage the unique abilities of our contractors and our clients. Through mutual respect, trust, and cooperation, we achieve results that can only be realized through “Modeling the Way”, “Inspiring a Shared Vision”, “Challenging the Process”, “Encouraging the Heart” and “Enabling Others to Act”. The end result is exceptional TEAMWORK with ACCOUNTABILITY, ATTENTION TO DETAIL, RESULTS, and COMMITMENT TO “EXCELLENCE WITHOUT EGO”.

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC consistently strives for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in our dedicated and disciplined approach to business. We are constantly striving for innovation, while examining how we can be better at our approach and deliveries. It is our desire that our clients receive the optimum in take-aways from our products.

Guiding Principles

  • Creates a classroom culture of safety through adaptation of dialogue and application of effective learning domain processes.
  • Connects learning to student life experiences and relevancy to work responsibilities.
  • Facilitates student learning by creating a classroom atmosphere based upon respect and student success.
  • Creates a classroom culture that inspires students to feel proud of their work.
  • Maintains high quality instructors with field experience, as well as, proven abilities to teach and relate to students learning objectives.
  • Utilizes effective classroom management techniques including interactive media, current and relevant case studies and practical application to address various adult learning domains.

“Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible.”

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC, a California based company, is an innovative and cutting edge company that provides customized and specialized training, and consulting services to both government and private sectors. This includes schools, faith based organizations, health care, hospitality industry, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, the High Tech industry, Code Enforcement, Law Enforcement, Fire Investigators, First Responders, Military and post-secondary training services.

Our training and consulting utilizes best practices for enhanced safety and mitigation of losses and injuries. While striving for efficacy in our fields, we recognize that we must also maintain flexibility and adaptability in the process of achieving our goals. This is why our clients have chosen our business nationwide taking us coast-to-coast for both our training and consulting services.

All of our training services provide professional training platforms that address adult learning domains and perishable skills.

Since the inception of our business in 1988 we have always focused our business on the enhancement of the welfare and safety of others through the science and study of Situational Awareness and the Art of Leadership.

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC Training and Consulting provides the premier training solutions to difficult situations you encounter such as workplace violence, active shooter/active killer, verbal abuse, and violent encounters in confined areas.

Those intimately aware of the training circles understand that with training/consulting and Subject Matter Experts (S.M.E.’s) comes a level of ego that can either enhance or deter from the training. M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC prides itself in “Excellence Without Ego”.

The training goal at M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC is to raise the student’s over-all competency level utilizing a building block style of teaching methodology so that students of all range potentials can achieve a higher knowledge base, skill level and awareness through the delivery of our curriculum. By using this method of teaching/training, students of all proficiency levels can acquire new knowledge (learning domains), have better retention and use of the delivered concepts, and mitigate liability while supporting their organizations policies and procedures.


We develop leaders and mindsets that are:

  • Situationally Aware
  • Safety Conscious
  • Striving for excellence without ego
  • Genuinely caring for the physical and emotional safety of others
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Advocates of learning for all
  • Culturally, ethically inclusive
  • Courageous champions of equity
  • Curious, humble generative leaders
  • Self-actualized in a culture of adaptivity
  • Aware of their own immunities, bias, triggers, and growth points and how to mitigate
  • Authentically empathetic
  • Resilient and tenacious
  • Mindful and compassionate

Business Directors

Michael C. Kimball
Director of Training and Consulting
M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC

Patty Kimball
Associate Director of Training and Consulting
M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC

Contact Information

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC
1130 Fremont Blvd. #277
Seaside, CA 93955

“Serving Those Who Protect”
“Serving Those Who Serve”

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC is a California based company that offers innovative professional training to the public, private and non-profit sectors. M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC also provides consulting and expert testimony. M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC maintains a master-level coalition of subject matter experts and instructors with years of extensive knowledge coupled with real world experiences.

Contact Info

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC
1130 Fremont Blvd. #277
Seaside, CA 93955