Crisis Leadership


This course is for the individual or team aspiring for the needed leadership skillsets needed in the moment of a crisis and immediately after a crisis for recovery.  Learn about mental/psychological first aid when and how to apply the concepts.  Prioritize, clarify, lead and empower others when they need it most, in a time of a crisis or critical event.  Learn the impacts and importance of this new leadership model and the science behind these best practice and new standard of care.



This course is designed to assist anyone who wants to develop their leadership competencies. Leaders most often need to lead in situations where they must do so without official powers and authorities. This requires the ability to influence a wide range of individuals in a variety of situations. Learn how to see situations through a leader’s eyes, lead with questions rather than commands, clarify expectations, and know how to use informal powers to influence the behaviors of others in a mindful, ethical and trustworthy manner.



Teams are the life blood of any agency and its ability to complete projects and deliver quality services. Learn how to set up a team for success. Create an environment that encourages collaboration, high performance, innovation, high productivity and resilience. Learn how to use your leadership skills to create a team that is self-reliant and engaged even in turbulent and ambiguous times.



We all want the future to be better than the past, is it possible that we are born with the ability to be optimistic before being realistic?  Come experience the influence of optimism and the Power of One and how to utilize these attributes to create energy and momentum to be successful through our changing and challenging times.



Everyone has a need to be successful in their own way and in their own time.  And it is in finding what that persons passion is that can motivate them towards greater achievements than thought possible.  Discover the principle of “why” and how to incorporate it into your team development and leadership style to create new synergy towards a satisfying dynamic path of growth and development within your team and your organization.

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