Workplace Violence Prevention

Whether you work in higher education, business, government, a library, retail, manufacturing, or the hospitality industry, it is not easy dealing with the public—or even coworkers.  And no one should have to feel unsafe at work.

Workplace violence is a very real and an alive issue in the workplace.  It is important to recognize violence prevention plans and drills are as important as fire drills, earthquake and tornado drills.  These plans and drills should be a part of your organization’s emergency and business contingency plans, practice and safety culture.

Just like customer service and communication skills, violence prevention is a perishable skill too.  There are three components to maintaining this skill set.  They are Education, Prevention and Intervention.   But none of these can take place unless you build and maintain the skill sets needed to make the strategies work for preventing, managing and mitigating workplace violence situations.

Workplace violence is a people problem.  And it affects the quality of the work you produce.  In fact, it affects the quality of life, both at work and at home.  That’s why we focus on recognition, education and de-escalation as well as the internal procedural justice and improving the health of your organization to help mitigate the opportunities for workplace violence.

Learn about behaviors of concern, action points and options based plans.  Improve the health of your organization today by investing in the safety of those who serve and work for you.

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