Crisis Communications

Our Crisis Communications is a hybrid class that offers elements from both our Tactical Communications Courses and our Crisis Resolution Courses. By defusing the crisis, we can help empower persons and aid them in regaining a sense of control and order. A person who is not in crisis is more likely to communicate and cooperate.

Occasionally, during the process of crisis resolution the situation gets emotional and heated. Tactical Communications teaches the art of persuasion using specific communication strategies that allow the user to use their presence and words to redirect another’s behavior and to generate voluntary compliance.

Our course comes in 3 modules, each building upon the platform of the other for enhanced learning and application of skillsets.

Course Objectives:

  • Increase Personal Safety and Decrease Stress for the employee.
  • Enhance Conflict Management to assist employees in preventing confrontations from becoming volatile situations.
  • Enhance Professionalism and assist employees in recognizing the impact their words have on the public.
  • Reduce Vicarious Liability by training employees how to handle encounters skillfully and professionally, thereby reducing potential complaints and lawsuits.
  • Developing collaborative efforts between victims and officers

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