Behavioral Threat Assessments

Behavioral Threat Assessment was first developed by the United States Secret Service in response to the need to protect the President in advance of a potential threat. This has been adapted to be successfully utilized in a variety of platforms such as business, Houses of Worship, the Hospitality Industry and schools.

The National Association of School Psychologists have stated “threat assessment represents an important component of a comprehensive approach to school safety that gives schools an alternative to zero tolerance discipline policies that have proven to be ineffective and counterproductive. It has been suggested that when a threat assessment is conducted, the threat is not carried out. Threat assessment is a violence prevention strategy that involves: (a) identifying student threats to commit a violent act, (b) determining the seriousness of the threat, and (c) developing intervention plans that protect potential victims and address the underlying problem or conflict that stimulated the threatening behavior.

The goals of threat assessment are to keep schools safe and to help potential offenders overcome the underlying sources of their anger, hopelessness, or despair. Effective threat assessment provides school professionals with useful information about a student’s risks and personal resources. Among the other potential student risks that can be identified and prevented are suicide, alcohol and drug use, physical abuse, dropping out, and criminal activity.

Does your campus have the ability to address threatening behavior from students, employees, or external sources? Does your process meet current best practices for campus violence prevention? Campus behavioral threat assessment relies upon collaboration and partnerships in the community to identify and respond to at-risk behaviors.”

Behavioral Threat Assessment Training

Our training was developed to provide attendees with a unique adult learning experience while providing the tools necessary to begin proactive, evidenced-based threat assessments of potential violent intruders, in addition to identifying and applying criminal, civil, mental health, and administrative threat management strategies. We want you to be able to prevent targeted violence such as an active killer and mass casualty attacks.


  • Learn how to determine the risk of a targeted violent attack
  • Experience evidence-based assessment methodologies
  • Be able to explain threat management strategies to prevent targeted acts of violence
  • Understand how to conduct threat assessments while applying the concepts to reality based violent intruder scenarios

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