360 Degree Situational Awareness

Our course is designed around the science of Situational Awareness and recent research and findings on the human brain.  Research from Left of Bang, Deep Survival, The Gift of Fear and the Survivors Club are some of the references utilized during this module of training.  This class is designed to give the student a heightened state of awareness, both on the job and off the job. The class explores the times that we can be most vulnerable, how to avoid confrontation and how to avoid accidents and compromising situations while elevating awareness and maintaining vigilance. A variety of resources are explored for the student to utilize.

Our course comes in 3 modules, each building upon the platform of the other for enhanced learning and application of skillsets.



  • Learn how to overcoming adversity
  • Learn crisis rehearsal and its connection to the 10/80/10 rule
  • Learning and utilizing the color codes of awareness and Danger
  • Elevating your personal awareness
  • Understanding the risks associated with our job (complacency and apathy)
  • Understanding that routine is complacency
  • Learn to anticipate rather than expect
  • Learn to respond rather than react
  • Understand the dynamics involved in not being prepared
  • Understand the importance of 360 awareness
  • Learn how to utilize and maximize Hyper Vigilance
  • Understand the science and dynamics behind proxemics and dis-engaging from a threat
  • Calling for help is more than calling (use of cognitive skills)


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