Safety and Situational Awareness

Safety and Situational Awareness

We want to be safe throughout the day at work and we need to be alert to threat cues of danger. We do this to enhance both our observation skills and our safety skills that keep us out of harm’s way from environmental threats and criminal threats. Become familiar with the mindset of the criminal element we are dealing with today and what they are preparing for when encountering us. Learn the science and techniques of situational awareness and how to maintain it in our ever-changing and dynamic environments.

Current Threat Trends

This class is designed to give the student a heightened state of awareness both on the job and off the job. The class explores the times that we can be most vulnerable, how to avoid confrontation, and how to avoid accidents and compromising situations while elevating awareness and maintaining vigilance. The curriculum explores viable options for the student to avail themselves of beginning with the recognition of transitions, and elevation of awareness. Also explored during the class will be the indicators of aggressive or hostile body language. A variety of resources are explored for the student to utilize.

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