School Drills

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC runs and operates a number of crisis response drills with scenario based training to enhance your learning experience and knowledge retention. Below is an explanation of our School Crisis Response Training and Exercise.

School Crisis Response Training and Exercises can be discussion-based (orientation seminars, workshops, or tabletop drills) or operations-based (a variety of specific emergency drills, functional exercise drills, or full-scale exercises), each of which can be useful in preparing school staff, crisis team members, students and other agencies for a wide variety of crises. Existing research suggests that drills implemented according to best practice can increase students’ knowledge and skills of how to respond in an emergency, without elevating their anxiety or perceived safety (Zhe & Nickerson, 2007).

Discussion-Based Exercises

Discussion-based exercises are used to familiarize students and school staff members with crisis plans, policies, agency agreements, and emergency procedures. Orientation seminars and workshops can be an efficient way to introduce school staff members, first responders, and volunteers to the school’s crisis plans and procedures. Tabletop drills can be an effective first step in testing crisis response protocols (USDE, 2006).  Discussion–based exercises include Orientations, Workshops, and Table Tops.

Operations-Based Exercise

Operations-based exercises serve to validate plans, policies, and procedures; clarify roles and responsibilities, and identify gaps in resources. They involve school staff and students reacting to a conducting crisis exercise drills; practicing the response to specific emergency conditions. Practicing different types of emergency drills can help a school prepare for a more involved emergency response (Freeman & Taylor, 2010; USDHS, 2007). Operations-Based exercises include Emergency Drills, Functional Exercises, and Full Scale Drills.

Allow our experts at M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC to guide you into a higher level of consciousness through Discussion Based and Operations-Based Exercises utilizing the elements and processes of higher learning from Blooms Taxonomy and the Dilts Model.

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