Field Interviews, Note Taking and Report Writing

Creative Interviewing. The goal of an interview is to obtain information. The definition of an interview is the asking of questions without stress. Being able to have success in the interview process with different personality types depends on your ability to manage different situations and personalities. During the interview process it is important to understand the differences between an interview and an interrogation.

Students attending one of our Creative Interviewing and Assessment class will be exposed to the following techniques:

  • Field interviews versus office or formal interviews
  • Free format interviewing
  • Cognitive Interviewing
  • Rapport building
  • Interview of the elderly
  • Interview of children
  • Interview preparation

Effective Note Taking. Effective interview documentation and interview recall all begin with note taking. Understand and learn how to take concise notes for recall, learn the laws pertaining to note taking and the evidentiary value of Field Notes. Lastly, learn the appropriate ways to transfer field notes information and incorporate them into your reports.

Effective Report Writing. Code Enforcement professionals are called upon to document many types of events and incidents. Report writing is an essential responsibility for all. This course not only explains the purpose of report writing, but it also provides information which will improve the participant’s report writing skills.

Our course incorporates the following:

  • The purpose of report writing
  • Accountability in reports
  • Daily log and incident reports
  • Making a report narration
  • The who, what, where, when and why of report writing
  • Keeping reports clear, concise and complete
  • Setting up and using a notebook
  • Making copies of reports
  • Reports and litigations
  • Reports reduce liability
  • The chain of custody
  • And more…

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