Stress Inoculation

Stress Inoculation Training is a cognitive-behavioral approach providing people with added psychological resilience against the effects of stress through a program of managed successful exposure to stressful situations. The approach was developed by Dr. Donald Meichenbaum author of Cognitive Behavior Modification. We incorporate the following 3 phases into our training platform:

  1. The Conceptualization Phase – Learning to conceptualize and re-conceptualize stress in a controlled and safe environment.
  2. Skills Acquisition & Rehearsal Phase – In this phase we facilitate problem solving, cognitive restructuring & guided self-dialogue
  3. Application & Follow-through Phase (resiliency and mindfulness)

The purpose of this training is to provide students with real world experiences in a safe environment where they can explore themselves and their reactions. This provides the student with an opportunity for an enriched discovery experience that they can apply to their own unique environments. This can be an in-classroom experience or a scenario based training that is modified to create a similar exposure as a drill would accomplish but in a safer more controlled environment that is private from the outside world.

To quote Bruce Siddle of the Human Factors Research Group and from his book Sharpening the Warriors Edge, “Stress is a matter of perception and perceptions can be changed through the training process. By training to deal with highly stressful situations, and not training until you get it right but training so you don’t get it wrong, you increase your chances of accurate actions under stressful conditions.”

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