Crisis Rehearsal (When/Then Thinking)

Crisis rehearsal is defined as “the practice of repeatedly and in great detail mentally rehearsing a high-stress situation prior to it occurring, to include specific details and responses – all with positive end results.”

Crisis rehearsing sounds fancy and complicated – and it can be — but at its core it is using “mental movies” to visualize winning high-stress situations. Your brain then stores these visualizations as memories, giving your body access to your imagined responses should the real event ever occur. If you’ve heard of “muscle memory” regarding exercising or birthing, it’s the same thing. It’s muscle memory for your brain.

Ryan Rico, a Naval Special Warfare veteran says crisis rehearsal works “because you are causing your mind to visualize and even physically process the steps of success. The familiarity with the individual steps to completion create a ‘pathway’ through your mind that is familiar.” Familiar paths are easier to walk on and navigate through.

Should you ever find yourself in that critical situation, you won’t have to waste time thinking, “What should I do?” Your brain and your body will already know, as you will have done it hundreds of times before – in your mind.

M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC is your professional guide to successful crisis rehearsal also known as When/Then thinking. Let us walk you through the steps, customize and choreograph successful crisis rehearsal scenarios that you can do once a week or once every other week in just 10 minutes of your time. Add a layer of liability protection by utilizing this thinking process as a proactive piece to your ongoing preparation.

We also use this process to create successful platforms for upcoming drills. Think of the possibilities for creating resilience and positive futures! We all know that visualization works for athletes so it makes sense to incorporate it into your safety planning and preparation.

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