Behaviors of Concern and Detecting Danger

Behaviors of concern can be disruptive and may cause uncomfortable feelings or they may be more subdued, yet equally as concerning. These cues indicate when a person is in an aggressive state of mind and the risk of violence may be towards self or others, but can also indicate future harm towards self and/or others.

Behaviors of concern can indicate a situation or an encounter that is headed towards a violent encounter.  These behaviors should be addressed quickly.  But what if we could recognize the behaviors before they manifested themselves into threat behaviors?  These behaviors and cues serve as an early warning system for the detection of danger.

In any conflict situation, the more knowledge you have in reading the other person the greater your chances are of threat detection and avoidance.

Learn how to recognize these behaviors of concern both the gross motor cues and the micro cues.  Learn about posturing and understand the power of proxemics.  Learning and understand the science behind behaviors of concerns as it relates to detecting danger.  Learn how to develop and implement your own personal early warning system which can be key in providing you with enough time to preempt a physical attack by evading, escaping or other countermeasures.

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