Table Tops

“Every 3 Minutes” Violent Intruder/Active Killer Table Top

The Four Phases of an Active Shooter


The purpose of the table top is to discuss and cognitively process a simulated emergency. Members of your team/staff will review and discuss the actions they would take in a violent intruder/active killer emergency, testing their emergency thought process. They will have an opportunity to plan and identify vulnerabilities in an informal, low-stress environment. Tabletop exercises are used to clarify roles, responsibilities and to identify additional methodologies of mitigation and preparedness needs. The exercise should result in action plans for continued improvement of your emergency preparation and prevention of such emergencies. Our table top exercises will provide you with integral and insightful safety, security and readiness information specific to your organization/location. During the table top you and your team will experience debriefs also known as “hot washes”. At the end of your session you will receive a customized “S.W.O.T. Analysis” (Strengths, Weaknesses, Observations, Threats) completed by the participants.


  • Clarify objectives and desired outcomes during a violent intruder event
  • Create mindfulness and resilience through an interactive scenario
  • Clarify and understand roles with safety team and with public safety/first responders

Creating Safety:

  • “Safe” no fault space for dialogues to gain insight
  • Capture key gaps
  • Provide insight into response capabilities to a violent intruder
  • Understand importance and limitations of emergency response procedures and protocols


  • Enhance learning application
  • Prepare for lessons learned
  • Discuss and evaluate over-all effectiveness of current policies and procedures
  • Understand current capabilities to respond and recover with established policies and procedures

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