Implicit Bias

Understanding the Impact of Implicit Bias for Code Enforcement

Outcomes: Improve internal and external relationships while increasing Officer Safety through Use of the 4 tenants of Principled Based Policing. During this course students will be introduced to the 4 tenants:

  1. Giving voice
  2. Embracing and giving neutrality
  3. Giving respect and dignity
  4. Creating trustworthiness

This training is a skill building model developed to better understand our own conscience and unconscious bias. To create more awareness of our own bias and better accept others. This model fosters an environment of awareness, knowledge and personal development through understanding and mindfulness.

The first part of our class is learning about us, identifying fears, learned bias, prejudices, and to assess how these issues can impact our personal and professional decision making and relationships. The second part is to understand, learn about and appreciate other cultures, cross cultural and conflicts. The third part is identifying ways to effect change and promote one’s leadership skills in areas of implicit bias. The fourth part is to understand how our own personal health and hypervigilance impacts Implicit Bias. The fifth part is learning how to inculcate the concepts from the four parts of this program into our daily rituals and routines so as to increase legitimacy in the public’s view, creating trust, increasing officer safety and reducing incidents of use of force.

Our curriculum is broken up into 3 modules for effective learning and retention of information.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn simple techniques to recognizing and avoiding our conscience and unconscious bias.
  • Increasing dignity and respect through mindfulness
  • Increase officer safety
  • Develop effective ways to understand and work with diverse populations
  • Learn how to improve trust between our departments and the communities we serve
  • Learn how to decrease potential opportunities for Implicit Bias through health and wellness

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