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Violence can happen anywhere businesses, houses of worship, healthcare facilities, vacation/hospitality, entertainment venues, and schools. Therefore, educational institutions must remain vigilant and tenacious to respond and protect students and staff.

The #1 rule in any classroom is “the safety of the students”. In order for students to learn they must feel safe with both their surroundings and with those whom they are sharing with inside their learning environments.

Overwhelmingly, schools are safe and nurturing places for students. Schools should take a balanced approach to school safety. By recognizing that a combination of strategies, rather than one or two extreme solutions can be most effective in keeping students and staff safe.

No emergency plan will help school administrators unless faculty and staff understand the plan, practice the plan, and can effectively and naturally process the plan while adapting it in an emergency situation.

At M.C. Kimball and Associates, LLC we provide you with best practices, in TRAINING and CONSULTING for your SCHOOL SAFETY needs, so that you can adapt in the moment when things happen as they do. Let’s work together to ensure your school sites and venues are safer with up-to-date action plans and training for administrators.  Our training should include all faculty, staff, students and parents to insure they are both compliant and prepared.

School safety training helps schools to remain prepared and avoid reactive response. Fear and anxiety can be significantly reduced when your school routinely and openly addresses safety procedures.

Our goal is to utilize certified trainers to custom design and implement an applicable life safety-training module for your faculty, students and parents. Training material and exercises will be developed with universal applications and site specific considerations.

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