Terrorism Courses

21st Century Terrorism

This course will provide you with a current overview of the terrorist threat, including historical background information and a review of foreign national terrorist groups operating in the United States of America today. Learn the historical facts, tactics terrorists use, their mindset, the threat we are facing today and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Tentacles of the Far Right

This course will compare the ideology of the sovereign citizen movement and how it has matured and crystallized since the 1980s. “The Movement”, as it is known, is an unusual form of right-wing anarchism. On one hand it focuses on the importance of local control, and on the other hand on the avoidance of virtually all forms of authority and obligation. This class will look at the influences of this mindset on local gang members, and criminals alike, and the impacts to both our personal and professional safety.

Stopping Terrorism Before It Happens

Learn the non-criminal indicators of terrorism that you are likely to encounter during everyday issues with non-compliant violators. Understand the history and the potential threat of both domestic and international terrorism along with resources to deal with such events.

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